The club is is proposing to repair the runway by peeling back the geo textile runway and spreading heavy 60/40 dirt to fill in wash out areas and slightly crown the runway.  The soil is being donated to the club but we must pay for the driver and uses of the dump trunk. This cost is approximately $100 per load of dirt.  We are estimating 2 to 3 loads of dirt to complete the repair.  We have donated access to bobcats to move the dirt around.

The cost for another layer of Geo Textile material for the runway materials is $375 per roll and we would require 2 rolls for a total of $750. There is a $19 delivery fee. Brenda Baker of Hartmann Building Specialties quoted these prices.
The total estimate to repair the runway is $1,069. The club should have several years of use of a smooth and solid runway once this work is completed. We will need everybody to join together to accomplish this task if it is approved. Many hands make a light load!
The clubs account balance is a little more than $4,000 and this time.
Due to a lack of attendance at the club meetings we have been unable to establish a quorum to vote on this project.  We are asking for you to respond to this email with your vote on this matter as soon a possible so that we can move forward with these repairs.
Thank you.
Boyd Meier
Club president