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Manchester City fans left unhappy by curse of constantly winning trophies

Players and crowd share the joy of Sergio Agüero’s goal that won the title in 2012. Losing to Villa would bring embarrassment; what would winning mean? what proportion better, really, is eight than seven, especially with the loss of the league title looming?

If winning brought joy, you’d imagine City fans would be during a state of unbridled glee. Yet even before the Uefa ban, their fans seemed oddly fractious. As they completed a singular domestic treble by beating Watford 6-0 within the FA final last season, a City fan stormed the box at Wembley raging that, as he saw it, his club hadn’t got the credit they deserved.

Since then a neighborhood of City social media has slipped into wild conspiracy theory, claiming that not only is Uefa bent get them but that there’s a gaggle of journalists coordinating attacks against them. Quite why they might do this , or who is doing the coordinating, or how you coordinate people that struggle with restaurant reservations, remains unclear. But paranoid resistance to an ill-defined enemy is probably preferable to acknowledging the awful truth that their club has ceased to be the entity they grew up loving and has become a propaganda tool for a far off state.

And, more broadly, that success isn’t the maximum amount fun as everybody assumes it’ll be.

This is a paradox of the superclub era. because the rich have gotten richer, therefore the discourse around football has become angrier. Quite aside from fairness and competition, and therefore the vague moral purpose sport once had, it increasingly feels that a basic joy has been lost to football. When superclubs have such advantages over the remainder , the expectation becomes of victory and anything involves appear to be failure.
The greatest triumphs, those that are longest remembered and most enjoyed, are people who are unexpected, people who end an extended barren period, those against the chances . City had that with the Agüero goal. to seem as if they were close to choke at the last and save themselves therein way must are the best of releases, a mass slaying of demons. But when success becomes an obligation, something unhealthy takes root. agen sbobet terpercaya maxbetsbobet.org

For some that frustration has been directed outward. If only journalists made more of the successes, the logic appears to run, then fans would be able properly to enjoy it. Why does Uefa hate them so? And for City, everything, all the gorgeous football, all the brilliant goals, has been undercut by the background that it had been funded by questionable money. Far easier to attack the messenger and spin fantastic conspiracies than accept that.

Midas tried to escape his riches, hating what he had wished for. Finally, tortured by his hateful gold, he raised his arms to the heavens and begged forgiveness and Bacchus sent him to the source of the River Pactolus to scrub away his cursed blessing.

How many City fans now, in their heart of hearts, wish something similar were possible, wonder if all the success was really well worth the moral compromises and therefore the hassle? What, within the end, is happiness?