Club Rules

Safety Rules
Mid County Radio Control Club

Safety Rules

1. NO ALCOHOL or FIREARMS allowed at the flying field.

(Violations will result in loss of membership)

Rules 2 thru 5 apply to 72 MHZ radio systems only and do not apply to newer 2.4 spread spectrum radio systems.

2. Do not turn transmitter on without the frequency pin in your possession. Place

your club card in the appropriate frequency slot. (Only one pin per pilot at a time)

3. Violations of frequency pin rule will result in the cost of any damage incurred.

4. Each transmitter must be narrow band (72MHZ). The six meter band is exempt

from this rule.

5. Use of the frequency pin is limited to 20 minutes, including troubleshooting.

6. All aircraft shall take off from the runway, with the exception of hand launch &

helicopters, which will be launched or flown in their designated areas. (Any

aircraft that cannot taxi to the runway will require a spotter to assist the pilot in


7. All pilots will fly designated take-off and landing patterns. Initial take-off should

be away from spectators. No aerobatics over the runway. No flying over the pit

or spectator area.

8. When on the flight line, intentions will be announced loudly.

(Example: “taking Off”, “Landing”, “Dead Stick”, “Going on the field”, etc.)

9. No more than (3) persons allowed on a flight block at a given time unless

specified by a member of the safety, field committee, or officer of the club.

10. Emergency landings have priority. All landings will be done ON THE

RUNWAY whenever possible.

11. After landing, aircraft will be permitted to taxi back to the flight block ONLY.



12. All children, 12 years and younger, will have supervision while in the pit area.

13. All AMA codes will be adhered to at all times. NO DEVIATION of these codes

will be allowed.

14. No motor vehicles allowed on the runway including the large tractor except in the

event of an emergency. (Aircraft and maintenance vehicles are exempt)

15. Safety officer, officer, or group of 3 members can ground an unsafe pilot or

aircraft if immediate situation is deemed necessary.

16. Aircraft will only be started on the starting line. (DO NOT START ENGINES IN

THE PIT OR SPECTATOR AREA) 17. A guest must be accompanied by a member who is responsible for their actions.